About The School

 Mission Statement

Families and Staff Working Together

Recognizing that the parent is the child's first teacher, the Dothan City Schools Head Start Program's goal is to involve the parent in planning, developing, and implementing the curriculum to assure reinforcement at home for the goals and objectives

We believe:

  • that children, staff, and families must work cooperatively to meet the needs of each child while respecting family values and heritage.
  • each family should be encouraged to strive for self-sufficiency.
  • a partnership between families, communities, and Head Start will create a network that will ensure the success of each child.


About The School

We serve over 360 students each year.  Our program is income based and designed to help families in need get a "head start" in life.  We work not only with the students we teach, but also the families in many different areas.  

We are able to offer Speech Therapy, OT and PT as well as Counseling services in the area of Mental Health.  Each of our sites have a full time nurse and playgrounds specifically designed for 3, 4 and 5 year olds. 

We are a preschool center that houses 13 Head Start classes, 2 Special Needs PHP Preschool classes and 2 State OSR First Class Pre-K classes, all at our center located in Dothan, Al. on W. Powell Street.

We also partner with Houston County Schools and have 1 Head Start classroom in each of the following schools: Ashford Elementary, Webb Elementary, Rehobeth Elementary and Cottonwood School.  

Our main purpose is ensuring all of our students leave with the school readiness skills they need in order to be successful in Kindergarten!